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Winter Wash

Exterior Only
Starting at 250+
330 Auto Detailing

Our Winter Wash service is designed to neutralize road salt, help prevent rust, and improve visibility while driving in wet conditions. 

The shampoo we use for our winter wash leaves anti-corrosion (rust) inhibitors on your vehicle’s paint. One area we  focus on are the door jambs since it’s susceptible to rust due to its exposure to the weather elements. We’ll also use a rubber protectant on your door’s rubber seal (weather strip) to prevent door jambs and seals from sticking during freezing temperatures. This will also maintain their elasticity and prevents rubber from drying and cracking. We will pressure wash the undercarriage to blast off the buildup of dirt and grime that has accumulated over time. We will apply a rain repellent on the windshield to dramatically improve wet weather driving visibility as well as cleaning the wiper blades.    

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