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Ceramic Coating

330 Auto Detailing

2 Year Coating

3 Year Coating

5 Year Coating

We offer three options for ceramic coating.

Starting with our 2 year entry level coating to our 5 year coating. The paint will be prep and polish before coating application. Paint correction is recommended especially if you're looking for the best look. 


Keep in mind, just because you vehicle is coated doesn't mean you don't have to wash it anymore, however, it's highly recommended to avoid automated car washes with brushes. They will destroy the coating and leave swirls & scratches on the paint.


Maintenance wash is recommended to prolong the durability of the coating. For our maintenance wash we use a pH neutral shampoo that are designed for ceramic coating. We then apply a Sio2 infused spray to act as a topper to help prolong and enhance the performance of the coating. 



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